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Computer Hero Resources

Here are some valuable resources on the web to help save the day;
(If you have trouble opening any of these links below please hold down your ctrl key on your keyboard when selecting a link to temporarily disable your popup blocker.)

Symantec Anti Virus Research Center (The best resource regarding current virus threats and hoaxes.)

What is
The Leading IT encyclopedia and learning center (A great resource to find all definitions for all of those confusing computer terms.)

Tech Terms
A free online dictionary of computer, internet and technology terms.

Windows Updates
Microsoft Windows Updates website for all Microsoft products.

Microsoft Support
Help and support for all Microsoft products with searchable knowledge base

Free web resource for information about Microsoft Windows collected by actual users.

The best search engine for finding all of your internet needs.

Macintosh Fix It (Troubleshooting solutions for the Apple Macintosh)

Tom’s Hardware
Tom's Hardware Guide (A great resource for all your hardware comparison questions)

Driver Guide
Your guide for finding device drivers for all your hardware.

Task List Programs
Answers that work (An alphabetical list of services that run on your Windows OS)

Linked In
An online network of more than 4.2 million professionals from around the world representing 130 industries.

My Space
My Space is an online community that lets you meet your friends' friends.

LA Computer Marketplace
The largest computer fair in the nation.

Spam Con Foundation
The Spam Con Foundation is a public benefit corporation that advocates for the mitigation of spam.

Counter exploitation
The buck stops here! Full explanations, sites and fixes for adware/spyware and spam.

Hoax Busters
A searchable site for de-bunking internet hoaxes.

The File Extension Source (defining the extension of a file to find an appropriate program to open it with)

Registry Guide for Windows. Registry tweaks, tricks & hacks to optimize, enhance and secure Microsoft Windows.(Be very careful when playing in this area)

The List
Find an Internet Service Provider by area code, price or offered services.

Internet Archive
A digital library of the internet. If you liked a site that is now gone try using the wayback

Boot Disk
A boot disk for occasion. Drivers, utilities, dll files and updates are all just a click away.

DNS Stuff
DNS, networking, and domain registration tools for network administrators, domain owners and users.

Jeff Levy Show
Jeff Levy is on KNX 1070 News radio and has weekly computer lessons, news and information regarding hardware, software, gadgets, and any other technical diversions.

This Week In Tech has daily podcasts from leading gurus about every topic related to technology. Created by Leo Laporte and hosted by some of the cast members of Tech TV before it was ruined by G3.

Process Library
Created by Uniblue, provides a unique online database that lists everything that should, and should not be running on your computer.

Spybot Search & Destroy
This is a great free application to remove spyware on your computer. I would recommend you make a donation to the site if it has saved your computer from any serious threat.

Malware can be more annoying and dangerous than a virus. This free tool in combination with Spybot above can help clean most infections and keep your system running clean.

The all-in-one solution for remote access and support over the internet. This tool is amazing and free for non-commercial use. Don't struggle alone have a professional remote into your computer and give you a hand.